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NEW ORLEANS, LA It was a chaotic scene early Sunday morning on the I-10 highrise, as police say woman and her 2-year-old nephew were killed when they were thrown from the highrise after a multicar accident on the bridge.

The coroner's office identified the woman as 29-year-old Danielle Rhone.

Family members tell Eyewitness News Rhone hit another car, causing hers to stall.

Police say once coming to a stop, vehicles from a separate accident somehow hit Rhone and the child causing them to fall from the highrise.

Louisiana State Police spokesperson, Trooper Evan Harrell said, 'If you are in the fast lane and come to a stop and get outside that vehicle, you are no longer protected.'

Harrell said that mistake may have cost Rhone her life.

Eyewintess News has learned Rhone's sister and son were was also in the car and are still in the hospital at this time.

Right now investigators are looking for the vehicles that left the scene of the second crash.

Trooper Harrell said if a driver is ever in a sticky situation they are safest inside the vehicle. He said it once the driver is secure, they should immediately call for help.

'Let that vehicle take the brunt of the force, which will help you out. If you step out, you run the risk of it being pushed into you,' Harrell said.

Police said they're looking for the drivers of at least two vehicles they believe left the scene.

One is a Ford truck and the other is a white Chevy Suburban with damage to the passenger's side.

If you can help investigators call Crimestoppers at 822-1111.

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