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BLOND, La. -- Parts of the Northshore are bracing for the possibility of sleet and traffic troubles Tuesday night.

Riff McGee got something hot to eat after a long morning working in the chilling rain.

'It's been miserable all day,' he said, 'I've been at the paper mill all day.'

The damp and down-right cold conditions are part of a situation parish leaders in Washington and St. Tammany know isn't going to change over the next few days.

'Tonight, in the northern part of the parish, we could get some a mix of rain and sleet,' said St. Tammany Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Dexter Accardo. 'Now, having said that, the surface temperature, as we're being told by the National Weather Service, is relatively warm so if you see it falling, by the time it hits the ground, it's going to melt.'

'They're not anticipating for it to be any trouble with travel,' said Washington Parish Emergency Management Specialist Bobbi Jo Breland, 'But Parish President Thomas does urge any residents that need to be on the road to make sure that they're careful.'

In case those troubles do arise, work to get ahead of it is underway in both places. Sand is being sorted and trucks rolled out in the northern parts of St. Tammany, while sand is being loaded into dump trucks already in Franklinton.

'We're going to track that so that if we need to go out and put some sand or if anything changes in between then, we'll go out and sand the roadways,' said Accardo.

Both parishes say while they're doing their part to keep conditions as safe as possible, they're asking for citizens to do their part as well.

'We just urge all residents to dress in layers the next couple of days. It's gonna be pretty cold. Do good at heating your homes and check on the elderly,' said Breland.

Officials in Hancock County, Mississippi are planning to open a cold weather shelter tomorrow and Thursday night in Bay St. Louis.

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