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NEW ORLEANS -- The re-trial of former New Orleans police officer David Warren in the fatal shooting of Henry Glover, an unarmed man, after Hurricane Katrina is moving along quicker than many expected.

After the government's case ended abruptly Thursday, the defense team got its chance today to give a different portrayal of Warren's fatal shooting of Glover from the balcony of an Algiers strip mall.

They focused on the fact that Glover was driving a stolen truck, that he took the truck to the strip mall to pick up a suitcase looted by a friend.

Also testifying today was William Tanner, the Good Samaritan who found Glover dying in the street.

But unlike the first trial three years ago that ended with the conviction of Warren and two other officers, Tanner was not allowed to talk about how the other officers burned his car with Glover's body inside then staged a cover-up of what happened.

'It's very difficult. It's like, you're trying to remember,' said Tanner, 'then you're not trying to remember because you're trying to block everything else out because of the situation of dealing with this. You try to be a Good Samaritan and save somebody's life, then you know you put your own life in the situation.'

With so many limitations on what can and can't be presented to this jury, the trial has gone much faster than the previous trial in 2010. T

The judge now estimates that deliberations could begin as soon as Tuesday.

Warren's conviction and 25-year sentence were thrown out after an appeal court ruled that he should not have been tried with the other officers. Now with the re-trial set to resume Monday, the defense team has a difficult decision on whether to put Warren back on the stand, just as they did three years ago.

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