FOLSOM, La. - A small plane carrying two people made an emergency landing in a field in Folsom Tuesday morning.

The plane took off from the Hammond Airport and experienced engine failure while airborne. The emergency landing was made in a field.

A spokesman said the pilot, 60-year-old Nicholas Burtchaell of Folsom and instructor Otis D. Briggs of Kentwood, were uninjured.

According to Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards, the pilots reported that they were at about 3,000 feet and holding when the pilot noticed they were losing oil pressure and then the system failed completely.

The pilots began looking for a safe place to land and found a pasture clear of houses and power lines where they safely landed the plane.

The landing site was in Folsom near Turn Pike Rd. The FAA was in route to the incident location for assessment and removal of the aircraft.

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