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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- Traditions could be changing for next year's Carnival season, as City Councilmember Latoya Cantrell is introducing a new proposal Thursday at the city council meeting that would make changes to such traditions as ladders and grills on the parade route, and even certain throws for parade Krewes.

The proposal comes about because residents along the parade routes as well as residents who attend parades in the New Orleans area would like to see some changes made to Mardi Gras.

'We'll be looking at and introducing a standard set-back for ladder placement, tents and grills, eliminating roping off of sections along the median, eliminating parking on St. Charles Avenue during parades, and Napoleon Avenue two hours before and after a parade,' said Councilmember Cantrell.

Cantrell also says that owners of port-o-lets who place them on public property will be fined $250.

In addition, parade-goers that throw beads or throws back at floats will be penalized, out of caution for Krewe members.

'We are moving forward with our ordinance and it will be effective in Mardi Gras 2014, and we will have an addition coming to it in January of 2014 that will go into effect Mardi Gras of 2015,' said Cantrell.

The ordinance is highly supported by the New Orleans City Council and has been worked on since April of 2013, according to Cantrell. It comes at the request of residents on the parade route and various public meetings held on the issue. Cantrell says it's a public safety matter and concern and City Council plans to address it with haste.

The New Orleans City Council meets at 10:00 am Thursday and WWL-TV will have an update on where the proposed ordinance stands as it comes up in the meeting.

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