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NEW ORLEANS -- Broken glass and bullet holes are all that's visible after a shooting Monday morning at a Metairie apartment complex on Pasadena Avenue.

Police say the shooting happened between two apartment complexes, putting neighbors in the crossfire, including one man and his two kids.

'It was very scary,' said one witness. 'It was very scary.'

Neighbors living in Willowood Apartments woke up to the sound of screeching tires and rapid gunfire. One man, who asked not to be identified, said he saw the whole thing.

'I looked out and the next thing I know, I see two males running from the pool back towards the parking lot just shooting, unloading on a car,' he said.

He said seconds later the suspects shot at him when they saw him looking out his window.

That window is now cracked from a single bullet that almost made it into the living room where his son slept.

'Everything just goes so fast and my first reaction was my kids, I grabbed both of my kids and jumped on top of them,' he said.

Jefferson Parish deputies say Memphis residents 25-year-old Tacara Williams and 29-year-old Demektric Whitfield-Anderson were staying in the Super 8 motel nearby when they decided to meet up with the two suspects.

While in a driveway, the two men started shooting, killing Williams and Anderson.

Investigators believe it was drug related, and neighbors they're worried because crime in the area seems to be getting worse.

'That's a concern of mine,' said neighbor Ariel Young. 'Being a parent, I want my child to be safe and I want to be safe as well too.'

Neighbors say they are very alarmed by the number of shootings they've had here in just the last few months.

They say they won't feel safe until these two men are caught.

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