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JEFFERSON, La. -- Jefferson Parish code enforcement is making the rounds issuing what some claim are an unusual flurry of violations in 2014.

Some residents in Marrero who have lived in their homes for decades say this is the first time they're being slapped on the wrist.

'I only had three this morning, when they told me I couldn't put them out. I placed more,' said Clayton Cangelosi.

Political signs roasting Sen. Mary Landrieu and her support of the Affordable Health Care Act pepper this Marrero lawn.

The man behind the display is Cangelosi, who said a Jefferson Parish code enforcement inspector questioned the signage on Monday morning.

'If there is a law, parish ordinance that says you can't have a sign that's political, not during political season, that's absolutely unconstitutional,' said Cangelosi.

The West Bank resident didn't get any official citation from Jefferson Parish. However, he's reached out to officials wanting to know why these signs have to go.

'You can not stop me from placing signs and using my first amendment right and free speech right by placing a sign on my property,' said Cangelosi.

A Jefferson Parish official confirms that code enforcement sweeps happen several times a month as part of quality of life initiatives across the parish.

'They're trying to shake people down for money. We have no money,' said Rosalind Williams, who has lived in her home for 27 years now and said she had her first run-in with a code enforcement inspector a few weeks ago.

The Marrero woman received a violation letter citing the need for rain gutters around her house and a fresh layer of paint on her trim and doorway.

'I own my home. Now you have to tell us what to do with our home and we're homeowners. I don't understand that. They have nothing better to do then go around here and mess with people,' said Williams.

As these homeowners grapple with New Year code enforcement violations, Cangelosi insists he's done no wrong.

'Go after the people who are actually breaking the law,' said Cangelosi.

Eyewitness News contacted Jefferson Parish officials. The director of inspection and code enforcement Tiffany Wilken responded by e-mail saying Cangelosi's case is being reviewed and that no official citation has been issued. Wilken added that no additional inspector positions have been created recently.

As for any spike in citations being issued in the Marrero area, Wilken said her office will track down those numbers for WWL-TV on Tuesday.

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