FRANKLINTON, La. A 29-year-old man has been arrested in connection with four rapes that occurred to a couple of women over a five-year-period, according to the Washington Parish sheriff's office.

Heath G. Hartzog was charged with four forcible rapes.

According to Sheriff Randy Seal, the four rapes of two women were each the result of a domestic situation in which the women were handcuffed or physically forced to submit to the rapes.

Seal said the first contact the office had with one of the victims came in late 2013 when investigators met with her in regards to domestic violence-related issues pertaining to her ex-boyfriend.

Seal said she said she had been raped twice and information gleaned in the interview led officers to another woman who said she had been raped twice.

WPSO investigators said they thoroughly investigated the statements and circumstances provided by the two women and determined that four forcible rapes had occurred. Warrants then were obtained for the arrest of Hartzog who was out of state at the time. Hartzog was arrested on January 11 when he returned to Washington Parish.

'The two victims did the right thing by coming forward.,' said Seal. 'I am pleased that our investigators were able to piece together the elements of these crimes and obtain warrants for his arrest. I encourage any victim to come forward at any time so that we can investigate crimes committed against them. No victim should ever be ashamed to tell what happened to them and our Victims' Services Officer is always available to work with any victim.'

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