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ST. TAMMANY-Roads weren't the only closures on the Northshore Friday.Dozens of schools kept their doors closed on account of the snow and the icy conditions.

Friday's 'Snow Day' turned into a spa day for a few mom-daughter duos stuck with the change in Mandeville.

'I was up getting dressed this morning for work and I got the text message saying schools were closed so we made a day out of it,' said Dana Smith.

Susan Lipps said she and her teenage daughter came to Bella Nails 'to get away from the teenage boys that are in the house.'

The kids weren't upset about the way their day off turned out either, despite seeing more ice than actual snow.

'Amazing because we don't have to do math or any other subjects,' said Savannah Smith.

This salon owner says she'll take this kind of snow day, any day.

'I really thought we were gonna be slow because of the weather but we're actually kind of busy because the kids being out of school so it's great for us,' said Tia Alvez.

The school district didn't cancel classes because of any concerns over conditions at any school buildings. They did it for the safety of getting students to and from school.And parish leaders agree with that concern.

St. Tammany Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness Director Dexter Accardo said, 'I wouldn't play with it, because it's a slipping scale on what can happen. If you're out there now and need to do something, go do it, but for sure get off the road before later this evening when the situation might change with icy conditions on the roadway.'

Public works crews spent their day keeping those icy conditions at bay for drivers by sanding bridges.The work paid off, keeping all highways and byways open for careful travel, except the Causeway.As the weather switched throughout the day from light rain to heavy sleet and back again, signs for the bridge alerted drivers to the back and forth closing of the Causeway, which was a hassle for many.

Driver Dominique Quarterman said, 'It's inconvenient especially because he has to catch a flight in about an hour.'

Emergency officials say despite taking precautionary steps like the sanding, there's still a concern that icy issues could spread past bridges later.

Accardo said, 'Our main concern right now as the precipitation continues to fall into later this evening and the temperatures drop we could have a hazardous situation on the roadways.'

Don't forget, a cold weather shelter is open again tonight in Slidell starting at 7.That's located at John Slidell Park on Robert Boulevard.
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