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NEWORLEANS- The old Robert Grocery Store on Annunciation Street closed after Katrina, but there's a new water feature flooding a chunk of the parking lot. An apparent broken pipe underground is causing a small fountain of water from a drain cleanout, and water is squeezing through the cracks between cement slabs.

'It was about a month ago or so, and I saw, and it was running just a little,' said neighbor John Caldwell. 'It was bubbling up out of the ground, just a small amount, then each day it got worse and worse and worse.'

Other neighbors report calling the Sewerage and Water Board, only to be told nothing could be done, it's on private property. Pleas to turn it off at the street were also refused while thousands of gallons an hour literally go down the drain.

'Us water customers paying for the water that's going down the sewer, the treated water,' sputtered Caldwell. 'That adds on everyone's bill.'

The property owner said all utility services were cut when the grocery closed, which indicates a pipe break would be on the City side. But he said repeated attempts to get help from the Sewerage and Water Board only get what is becoming the most dreaded response in New Orleans...he's told 'you're on the list.'

The situation got more serious when neighbors started to email, saying water pressure is dropping in this area becuase of the leak, and htye want it fixed. So I contacted the Sewerage and Water Board. I emailed, and I called them, saying the leak needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Today I'm hearing that they're trying to get a crew out here.

Neighbors say other area leaks have been repaired, and can't understand why this big one hasn't. I'll let you know what happens.

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