RESERVE, La. A van that was being driven by a couple that has been missing for about a week was found in good condition in an apartment complex in Georgia, though there were no signs of Kenneth or Lakeitha Joseph.

A search has been on for the Reserve couple who borrowed a van last week and who haven't been seen or heard from since. Family members have been concerned as calls to their cell phones go straight to voice mail.

The Fulton County Sheriff's Office said the van was found at a complex in College Park, Georgia. The sheriff's office there is assisting the St. John Parish Sheriff's Office with the investigation.

Family members say nobody has heard from Lakeitha Joseph, 29 or her husband Kenneth Joseph, 34, since they left their home in the 500 block of Homewood Place in Reserve, Tuesday, February 18.

'I speak to my daughter every day,' said Hart. 'Not one day goes by without speaking to her. Not one day. This is strange.'

'The gentleman, Mr. Kenny, always borrowed his sisters van at night, during the evening and he always returned it in the morning because he knows she has to go to work,' said Lt. Gregory Baker. 'On that particular morning, he did not return the van and that's when she became suspicious.'

Baker says family members went to the Joseph's home and found the door unlocked and the couple missing.

'They knocked on the door and when they didn't get an answer, they opened the door and turned the knob and that's when the door was open and that's when they went in and discovered there was no contact, no one was home,' said Baker.

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