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METAIRIE, La. - Investigators with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office are investigating the latest murder in Metairie. Authorities responded to the Fox Run Apartments in the 2400 Block of Richland Avenue at approximately 11:40 pm Wednesday.

In one of the courtyards, deputies found the victim, 31-year-old Arthur Francis, with multiple gunshot wounds to his body. Many residents were unaware the murder took place and now question the safety of their neighborhood.

'I've never heard of any shootings anywhere near here, this is really a big surprise,' Ashley Cunningham.

Ashley Cunningham says she's lived at the Fox Run Apartments for five years. Cunningham says for the most part, she's always felt safe. She says she often comes home late at night from work and has rarely seen any incident that would make her fearful.

'We've had a couple of cars that have gotten broken into over the years, but we've never had any kind of violence,' said Cunningham.

The murder happened roughly eight hours after a shooting that took place blocks from the Fox Run Apartments. Cathy Aragon has called the area home for twelve years. Aragon says she's witnessed a steady decline in its quality of life.

'It's terrible, the neighborhood is getting worse, really bad,' said Aragon.

A crime map shows a fairly stable level of violence within a one-mile radius of the murder scene. Since January, there have been ten assaults, five rapes and one homicide. At the same time last year, there were eleven assaults, three rapes and two homicides. The statistics may mean very little for those hearing gun shots in their neighborhood.

'I just heard like pow, pow, pow, and then my dog broke out running. I first thought it was firecrackers, but those were gun shots,' said a woman who wanted to remain anonymous.

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