Chris Chase / USAToday

Are you (finally) ready for some football? After what's felt like decades in the football wilderness* without any direction for the upcoming season, the NFL announced that the 2014 schedule will be released Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET. The matchups have been known since the end of last season. Now they'll have a their spot on the calendar.

* It was literally just a few days of schedule uncertainty, but fans are desperate for a pre-draft football fix.

What took so long? Coming up with a schedule is a Herculean task. The 27-hour warning suggests this year's slate which has to please 32 teams, multiple networks and the league office was only recently finished.

Making an NFL schedule is difficult and making a great NFL schedule is just about impossible. Yet, when the list of 256 games is unveiled on Wednesday night, we're bound to see nothing to complain about. For all the things people say about the NFL, when's the last time anyone's criticized the schedule?

Other than the bad late-season primetime games that are inevitable in a league with tremendous turnover, the schedule is usually flawless. That the league makes it look so easy belies how hard it must be.

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