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NEWORLEANS- Police are trying to find the suspect in a central city shooting that left a 14-year-old dead, and his 15-year-old brother injured. A third teen at the scene was not injured.

Police say 52-year-old Gregory Johnson shot the two teens near the intersection of Brainard and Josephine Streets last night.

The 14-year-old died in the hospital Tuesday morning.

Police have arrested a suspect on accessory charges, 49-year-old Randy Pittman, but Johnson remains at large. Police say Pittman was seen driving up to the scene while Johnson grabbed an object out of his car and began shooting at the three teens.

When word spread of the sudden and violent death of 14-year-old Miquial Jackson, family, friends, teachers and classmates were in shock. His principal says the teen was never violent.

The mother of both Miquial and Mikey Jackson were surrounded by loved ones this morning at her home. Her big sister held her close, while her son, 15-year-old Mikey was still inside. His leg, in pain from a bullet. His heart, broken from the loss of a little brother affectionately known as 'Dookie.'

'I pray that he fine. He is going to counseling. He is gonna need it,' said the mother about his emotional state. She did not want to give her name.

His 'auntie' recounted Mikey's words, of what they call 'the accident.'

'He said they was on the corner, all three of them. Him, his brother, and the other little boy was on the corner and the other little boy bumped the man's bike. And the man's bike got a flat on it. So the man said to them, 'Just wait, wait.' He was going to get 'em. And he say he told his brother to start running. And his brother said, 'No, I don't have to start running.' And the man just took out the gun and start shootin'', said the mother's sister who also did not want to be identified.

Miquial was about to graduate from eighth grade at Renew Cultural Arts Academy.

'I will always remember Miquail's smile. He had a beautiful smile and always looked like he was up to something. He was hilarious. He was rambunctious and he had a beautiful heart,' said his eighth grade English teacher Lizzy Sullivan.

About 10 clinical social workers came to the school and counseled the children in their classrooms and one on one. They say it's so important to talk to your children and ask them about their feelings. Social workers also say if you notice any major changes in their behavior, such as in sleep patterns, eating, grades, or mood, that's when it's time to seek professional help.

'I'm sure things would be a lot more difficult without my colleagues and my team and the students and it's been an onslaught of support from all over the city,' said Jasmine Bowles, Miquial's eighth grade math teacher.

'There's never a manual for dealing with the loss of a child. I will miss him and continue to love him for the rest of my life,' added Sullivan.

That same support of faith, family, and friends is holding his mother up.

'Very happy. Very out going,' she described her son through tears. 'And he's a very smart person. He was very smart. Outstanding.'

To help with the burial, you can contribute to the Miquial Jackson Memorial Fund at any Capital One Bank.

The Children's Bureau can help those on Medicaid with any counseling needs. Call 504-525-2366.

Pittman was charged with three counts of Accessory to Attempted First Degree Murder.

Gregory Johnson is currently wanted for First Degree Murder and two counts of Attempted First Degree Murder.

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