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Toby Reith was startled when her employees at the Corporation Bar and Grill called her to say someone threatened by phone to turn the power off during a busy lunch period, claiming to be from the utility disconnect office. So she called him back.

'He's like, you guys owe $498, you have to pay it within thirty minutes or we're going to cut off your electrical, and I'm like wow,' said Toby. 'So I'm like I had heard on Channel 4, so I kind of knew that something was going on with a scam.'

Toby had seen the Action Report about the utility scam, and knew this demand was a fake, so she decided to confront the con artists, and was astounded when he admitted it.

'I said how many people actually fall for this? He's like you'd be surprised. I said really? He's like yeah. I said how can you live with yourself doing this? He's like everybody has to make a living.'

That astonished her, but his next remarks were truly amazing.

'I said it's only a matter of time before we get you, and he's like I'm in Cuba. He's like I live like a king in Cuba. Last month I made $100,000 from this, and he's like yesterday I made $2000 off of New Orleans itself.'

Toby was furious. Cynthia Albert of the Better Business Bureau heard her story, and was stunned.

'I've never heard of this where the con artist actually brags about how good he is,' said Cynthia.

So we decided to call him, and see if we could reach him ourselves. Recorded Voice: 'The number you dialed is not in service at this time.' And that's another part of the deal. These scammers move quickly, they change numbers, they change locations, buit they will continue to try and get your money.

'And he's like, so there I make my fortune,' Toby said.

'And that's why we're doing this, because the more we get it out, the more people will be educated that there's a lot of scams out there,' Albert said.

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