LUTCHER, La. - At least five dozen homes took on water after a large line of showers and thunderstorms blasted through St. James Parish early Wednesday.

Several streets flooded and many were blocked off as a precaution.

The strong system pelted St. James, ironically in some of the highest areas in the parish.

'It's just amazing,' said Parish President Tim Roussel.

Meanwhile residents were left to pick up and clean out.

Darcie Roussel, a school teacher preparing to enjoy her first day of summer break, instead spent the day dragging out ruined mattresses, carpeting and flooring.

The flooring had just been installed last week.

'We have work to do now,'she said, sobbing. 'Ihave good family that has come over to help me and friends and we'll get through it.'

For many, the flood that came after the rain reminded them of Hurricane Isaac's floodwaters.

'When we woke up, the rain, we saw it coming and there was nothing we could do.'

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