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NEWORLEANS - Police are searching for a person of interest in connection with this past weekend's Bourbon Street shooting. Newly released surveillance video shows a man authorities believe may have valuable information in the case.

Police now say a total of 10 people were hurt. The violent crime brought back memories for one 2013 Bourbon Street victim shot during Mardi Gras.

'I was trying to break it up, so we could have fun and enjoy ourselves. Just like we were doing before,' said one westbank native who asked not to be identified.

The scattering of Bourbon Street revelers, running for their lives, has become an all too common site in New Orleans. Sunday morning's bloody shooting was the third in the last three years.

'Two in my stomach. One in my lower abdomen and one in my leg,' said the teen pointing to the scars left behind by bullet wounds and surgery. He was one of four people shot on Bourbon Street the weekend before Mardi Gras of 2013. On his way to Lee Circle to watch the parades with friends.

The teen says he tried to break up a fight between a friend and a stranger when gunshots rang out.

'All of a sudden my friend got into it with this dude and I jumped into it and said you'll just go about your business, and we'll go about ours,' the strangers returned and opened fire.

The 19-year-old says he spent two weeks in the hospital recovering and for several months after he was forced to use a walker. He loves sports but can't run like he used to on the football field or basketball court.

His life forever changed on a night that was suppose to be fun.

'I woke up at the hospital with a tube down my throat. That was like the worst experience of my life,' he said.

Now the NOPD is investigating another shooting on the world famous street that beckons to tourists.

Detectives hope someone will recognize a person of interest caught on crime cameras leaving Sunday morning's crime scene.

All too familiar moments of terror for one shooting victim.

'I hope the people that got shot, they're good and they're in my prayers. They just gotta learn to fix the problem. Its gonna keep happening if they don't do nothing about it,' said the teen.

On Monday night, officials said five people were still hospitalized at LSU Interim hospital. Police confirm one woman is in critical condition and four others are stable after being hit by gunfire. Four other people have been released from the hospital.

With Essence Festival and the Fourth of July weekend coming up, State Police now plan on beefing up patrols in New Orleans and possibly through the summer.

If you can help detectives solve this case call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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