Jordan Gribble / Houma Courier

HOUMA, La. -- A man from Gray will spend the rest of his life in prison for his role in a shooting death during a botched armed robbery in October 2011.

Chad Mart, 26, of Willowdale Drive, was sentenced Friday for the second-degree murder of Corey Short, 23, also of Gray.

Mart was convicted last month in state district court in Houma.

'Although the evidence presented indicated that Mart was not the actual shooter, Louisiana law says that a person who participates in an armed robbery where the victim is killed is just as guilty as the actual shooter,' Terrebonne Parish District Attorney Joe Waitz said.

Short's cousin, Joshua Smith, also of Gray, is Short's suspected shooter and was charged with second-degree murder. Smith is being held in the parish jail awaiting his trial scheduled for Aug. 18.

Witnesses in his trial said Mart and Smith decided to rob Short, who was known to sell marijuana.

Mart and Smith had one of their girlfriends drive to the victim's home to buy marijuana, authorities said. After Short went outside to complete the transaction, Mart and Smith came out of hiding with guns and yelled at Short to get on the ground.

Short began to struggle with Mart over his gun and ran into his house and slammed the door, prosecutors said. It was then that Smith allegedly fired his gun into the door before he and Mart left.

The shot hit Short in the chest. Before he died, Short identified Smith as his killer, Waitz said.

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