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Neighbors couldn't believe it when their Carrollton area street was deeply flooded a year ago when a large underground water main burst without warning, the hole opening underneath one parked car.

'I was shocked,' said Joe Perdue. 'I couldn't believe it.'

Perdue was shocked that day, and he is shocked again that a year later, he still has not been reimbursed for the damage to his car.

'It seems like time has flown, but with regard to the car, it hasn't,' Perdue said.

The Sewerage and Water Board sent claims agents from their insurance out, promising to reimburse residents for damage to their property, and Perdue's car was parked directly across from the break, so it flooded.

'It was up over half of the car wheel,' Perdue said. 'It was up to where you open the door. [Water] got inside the car, yeah.'

And how much damage was done to the car?

'Well, it was $1400,' Perdue said.

Joe had to pay $500 himself, his insurance deductible. But he was surprised that he is still waiting to be paid back a year later.

'You kinda know things go slow when it comes to dealing with a city, you know, and I tried to be patient with them,' Perdue said. 'If you ever tried calling them, you never get anybody on the phone. You always have to leave a message, you know, and they may take a month to call you back.'

So I'm getting in touch with executives of the Sewerage and Water Board, asking them to look into Perdue's case, and make sure he receives the check he deserves. I'm also asking them to make sure everybody else affected by that water break did receive the help they needed.

The Sewerage & Water Board told me they were waiting for one form to complete work on the claim. They asked me to have Perdue call his insurance company, and when he did, they said they would work with the agency to make sure his claim got processed.

There's no word on whether others are in the same boat.

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