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MADISONVILLE, La. -- St. Tammany fire officials say a marsh fire on the Northshore does not pose a threat to the public.

The fire is south of Highbridge Canal near Madisonville, officials say. You can see video of the fire above sent to us from Eyewitness News viewers Stephanie and Ian.

Deputy Chief Randy Hess said the fire isn't a danger, but they are monitoring the situation. He said it would have to jump two canals and other smaller waterways to become any kind of threat.

The fire department has no access to the fire and can't get to it by vehicle. They have no current plans to put the fire under control and are keeping an eye on it.

Hess said they believe the fire likely started Saturday night at some point.

While not in the same spot, the marsh fire is the third in the area in the last several months.

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