NEAR VENICE, La. -- Photos captured the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon's violent explosion as huge flames rose toward the sky.

Now almost 24 hours after the blast, with the fire still burning, Coast Guard officials say the search continues for the missing crew members.

'We have no idea where the eleven unaccounted for personnel are at this time,' said Adm. Mary Landry, USCG District 8 commander. 'We have capabilities to search throughout the night, and we continue the search and rescue case. The 11 people are unaccounted for and we will continue the search and rescue case until it's reasonable that we might not find anybody out there.'

Of the 115 crew members who are accounted for, 17 were medevaced from the scene, according to the rig operator, Transocean.

Injuries included burns, smoke inhalation, and broken bones.

Federal officials say the rig has been inspected three times in 2010, including an inspection earlier this month, but received no violations.

While an investigation will begin to learn what went wrong, Transocean officials describe the explosion as a well blowout.

'There's undoubtedly some abnormal pressure built up in the marine riser which comes from the sea bed, from the blowout preventer stack, to the rig,' said Adrian Rose of Transocean. 'Obviously hydro-carbons under pressure -- gas or oil -- got into the riser, and as it came up the riser, it expanded rapidly and ignited.'

Wednesday afternoon, BP officials did not believe the $350 million rig was leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico, but they said as many as seven oil spill response vessels were on standby, if that changes.

For now though, officials say the focus is finding the missing crew members.

Transocean officials expressed regret over the incident.

'Our thoughts and our prayers are with the crew members of the Deepwater Horizon and their families. Our greatest responsibility at Transocean is the safety and well being of our crews, and our primary focus on this event, has been on the crews,' Rose said.

Of the 126 crew members on board the rig at the time of the explosion, the well-being of those 11 missing people, remains in question tonight.

A spokesperson from the interim LSU hospital in New Orleans said one injured crew member was discharged, leaving only two crew members still hospitalized.

Family members can dial a hotline setup by Transocean for more information. That number is (832) 587-8554.

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