NEW ORLEANS Saying the city's budget was mismanaged by the previous administration from 'top to bottom' Mayor Mitch Landrieu laid out a grim scenario for the city, saying that it has a $67 million deficit that has to be made up by year's end and that there are 'no good options.'

Landrieu further slammed the previous administration, saying that not only did the city overspend its funds, it got less in return than most other municipalities.

'A 2009 review by the Office of the Inspector General found that we spend more per person on municipal services than nearly any other comparable city in America. In short, we are spending more and getting less,' he said.

Landrieu blasted the NOPD's spending in the first five months of the year, saying that if it spent at the same rate as it had so far this year, it would run out of its funding by October.

'In March, the NOPD started a recruit class knowing there was no money in their budget for such a class. In the past, it was also common practice for even those who failed to be offered jobs in the NOPD civilian force. This doesn't make any sense, and we will no longer allow this practice,' he said.

Landrieu said rescheduling allowed the NOPD to save $250,000 in overtime costs for providing security for the Essence Festival this past weekend.

He talked about the decision to lay off 50 'non-essential'personnel from the NOPD and discussed other cost-cutting measures that include an extreme reductionin overtime and the renegotiation of city contracts.

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