METAIRIE, La. ― Drew Brees is the closest thing New Orleans has to a king and this week, he issued a request to his humble followers find him a baby name and make sure it starts with a B.

How do we know? Brees asked his 274,000-plus followers on his @drewbrees Twitter account.

But boy did he underestimate the level of devotion from his followers.

'Yes, that kind of took on a life of its own,' Brees said. 'My wife and I have about five names that we like and we're just trying to narrow it down. I'll just throw something up on Twitter and see what kind of responses I get. 6,000 responses later, we throw something up on ESPN and other places, it kind of almost turned into if you make a large donation to the Brees Dream Foundation you could pick the name.'

Brittany Brees is due to deliver Monday, the day after the Saints game in Tampa against the Buccaneers.

According to Drew Brees, his son could come any day now and they're in a wait-and-see mode at their Uptown home.

Nevertheless, a list of names has been compiled, though not one specific one chosen. He'd like to keep a B theme going the Brees' first son is named Baylen but he also is accepting C and D name nominations.

Does this mean the 6,000 or so suggestions weren't any good? Not at all.

While he wouldn't name any specific ones, he said, 'There were five or six names that seem to come up a lot and that are on our radar and we have written down as possibilities. What I think is great is that obviously when the baby does come and we do name him and announce that there will be a lot of people taking credit for that name.'

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