The fire was out, but the scorch marks told the story aboard a workover rig in Jefferson Parish waters 20 miles south of New Orleans.

At one time, flames leaped more than 100 feet in the air from the burned wellhead in Bayou Perot.

It's one of the thousands of wellheads between Lafitte and Grand Isle.

'Apparently these individuals were welding on a workover rig, which was inactive, it wasn't in production,' said Jefferson Parish President John Young. 'A fire an explosion occurred. Three people were injured.'

The injured first went to West Jefferson hospital in Marrero.

Two of the crew members had minor to moderate burns to their hands and face.

A third crew member was admitted with severe burns.

They were all later taken to a burn unit at Baton Rouge General Hospital.

Young says JP 911 got word of the fire and explosion shortly after ten, Wednesday morning.

The Coast Guard received a distress call from Louisiana Delta Oil about the incident aboard the 'Gross Tete' workover rig.

A work boat next to the rig, put out the flames.

'The fire was put out very quickly, although it was still smoldering and there was a boat out there putting water on the rig,' said Young.

According to the Coast Guard the damaged well did not leak any oil or natural gas into the water, but containment boom surrounded the wellhead as a precaution.

It does appear some oil did spill on to a barge adjacent to the well.

Workers put down absorbent material to mop up the mess.

Young says he wants an environmental team to check out the scene to make sure there was no contamination.

'We should take all precautions as they've done and we should monitor it to make sure and ascertain and document that there was in fact no oil or gas leak as a result of this this incident,' said Young.

This is the third rig accident in Louisiana or off the coast since the massive Deepwater Horizon spill in April.

On July 27, a tug vessel struck an abandoned natural gas wellhead in the Barataria Waterway.

On September 2, 13 crew members jumped into the water after a fire and explosion aboard an oil platform south of Vermilion Bay.

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