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Tonight, Clancy takes aim at Governor Bobby Jindal's plan to sell some state assets to cover next year's budget shortfall...

Governor Bobby Jindal is in a bind. He promises not to raise taxes, but in a few months Louisiana will face a budget shortfall of at least a billion dollars.

That's bad news for Jindal and worse news for us taxpayers.

No, taxes aren't going up, but Jindal's proposed solution is almost as bad. The governor wants to hold a fire sale, selling off state assets to help cover next year's shortfall.

That's a terrible idea. First of all, among the assets he's talking about selling are some state office buildings which he then proposes to rent back from the new owners. In effect, he wants to get some immediate cash now for higher deficits later. Talk about dumb. Other states have already tried that. Today, those states have more debt and higher deficits than ever.

You see, these budget problems are not a one-year thing. They're going to be just as bad next year. What will Jindal sell then?

Perhaps the governor is just trying to get past the elections later this year.

Perhaps Governor Jindal should read his own book, which talks about leadership in a crisis.


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