NEW ORLEANS -- Just looking at what vandals did to the front of his recently refurbished St. Roch business, owner Terry Scott is filled with rage at what he says is a senseless criminal act.

'I'm quite angry. I spent a lot of time and effort, Bill, into redoing this building, and to have it defaced like that, it adds insult to injury. It's bad. It's bad, and can look at it, and you see that the people just have no respect. They have no respect for me and my building too.'

They have targeted his building multiple times in recent days, and Terry Scott is fed up.

'They did this, they did that, and they did the sidewalk, and then the side of the building, so it has been four times over the period of the last week, starting on the 21st.'

His business has not been the only building targeted, and that only makes Terry Scott angrier.

'You can look around the neighborhood and see where they have painted all over the buildings, and with the redevelopment that is going on it is really disheartening when the property owners and the businesses here are putting in so much money trying to help this area, renovate this area, and to have something as frustrating as this happen.'

You can see how angry Terry Scott is, but when he saw this he just about exploded. Somebody painted 'sorry about your wall.'

I'm asking the New Orleans Police Department to make extra patrols in this area, but Scott is also taking extra measures of his own that he hopes will result in an arrest, and prosecution.'

'We got lights on the pole that shine down on the buildings. The last situation occurred between 3:30 a.m. and 5 a.m., they're coming when they think nobody is around, but the camera system is installed, so we're going to catch somebody in this neighborhood doing something wrong, and we're going to deal with them, through the police.'

Scott is even offering a reward. But don't think of suggesting to Terry that something like this could be called 'art.'

'If you're an artist then you know, paint and sell your work in the French Quarter, whatever, but stop defacing people's property.'

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