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NEW ORLEANS -- What happened last Friday was a terrifying experience for Ingrid George, as she found herself face-to-face with an armed intruder.

'So he pointed the gun at me, started proceeding down this alleyway, turned back around, pointed the gun back at me,' George said.

George is one of several people in the Palm Air neighborhood to report break-ins in recent days, victims like Damion Stribling.

'He came in the back window here,' Stribling said. 'You can still see the fingerprints from where the cops dust it.'

This surveillance video captured a man walking into someone's backyard just as the homeowner left work one morning last week. The man appears to scan the property before moving into someone else's yard.

Wednesday night, Capt. Henry Dean, 3rd NOPD District commander, tried to calm fears, saying he believes most of the crimes were committed by one man.

'Mr. Titus West, who we put in jail last Friday. This week you have no crime in your neighborhood,' Dean said.

Dean said West lives at the nearby London Lodge Motel, and while West is still behind bars, neighbors we talked with believe he wasn't acting alone. They say his accomplices are a group of prostitutes still living at the hotel.

'It's a ring of, you know, transvestites, whatever you want to call them, and they're walking past houses casing them, giving the information back to the guy who's going to rob him. And the guy goes in,' Stribling said. 'Because they are working together.'

George, who lives just behind the motel, agrees.

'They're casing the neighborhood. They trying to see, they looking in yards, acting like they're magazine sellers, people, trying to see if someone home in the daytime, when they leave,' George said. 'I think it's a ring of theft, drugs, prostitution.'

And as long as they're still living at the London Lodge, neighbors say they'll remain on edge.

Dean also talked about suspicion of prostitution being conducted at the London Lodge Motel; however, he said he believes the bulk of the crimes in the neighborhood were committed by one man, Titus West.

Dean said it's his goal to have the motel shut down by the end of the year.

A spokesman for the motel refused to comment on this story.

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