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NEW ORLEANS -- Last week's rain made a mess of this stretch of Industrial Parkway where it meets Chef Menteur Highway in New Orleans East. The busy road became a splashy stretch for drivers, and a big irritation for the neighboring business.

'As you can see trying to make money in this area with a big lake next to me is pretty irritating,' said Marty Quezergue.

The owner of Marty's Restaurant said the added insult is when vehicles chew up his gravel parking lot by detouring through it to avoid the flood.

'My customers has dubbed this little pond here Lake Marty's,' he said. 'I don't like it at all. With that criticism comes no money because we can't get customers in the parking lot.'

They say this stretch floods regularly, and can take a week to dry out, because there's no drainage.

'It got to about mid-shin, almost to your knee it could get to be. And as you can see, it pushes in, it pushes the water into the parking lot.'

The head of a major New Orleans East industry emailed the Action Line to complain about the flooding here, and that many attempts to get help from the city have produced no results.

'This is also a major industrial thoroughfare here in New Orleans, and there are major businesses back here who has been complaining in my six year tenure here about not being able to get through this Lake Marty,' said Quezergue.

There is a drainage ditch nearby, but it has no connection with this stretch of road, so I'm contacting officials to dig a channel to the ditch, so the water will drain quickly.

'I think if we can get this problem cleared, there would be more businesses interested in doing business back here.'

I'll let you know what happens.


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