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NEW ORLEANS -- Ruth Landis and her husband planned to enjoy the garden they planted in the yard of their Uptown home, but a sewage leak on the side of their home makes a trip outside unpleasant.

In early June, the plumber used a metal snake to clear a clogged pipe. This metal snake, now rusted, is still sticking out of the open pipe.

'Got stuck and they couldn't get it out, so they called a manager over here to try and pull it out, and they still couldn't get it out,' she said with a rueful laugh.

A video camera was inserted into the pipe, and 40 feet away, where the city's sewer pipes are, they found a cracked pipe, and there was the snake, stuck in the crack. You can also see what appears to be sewage leaking into the crack.

'They can't get it out. And it's still there,' Landis said.

Landis turned on the kitchen faucet, and water began pouring out of the open pipe with the snake stuck in it, and pooling on the side of her house.

She called the Sewerage & Water Board to repair their pipe and free the snake.

'They sent someone out that day. He said, oh, we'll put you on a priority list, we'll get them out right away,' she said. 'This has now happened three or four times, and we still have a snake sticking out of our sewer line.'

Do you think any of the Sewerage & Water Board leaders would allow anything like this on their property for two months? So I'm asking them to take care of this situation, and take care of it as quickly as possible.

'They've had a reputation of this. It just seems to be historically the type of service you get from the Sewerage & Water Board. They keep sending crews out, and sending them out, and it takes forever to get the work done,' Landis said. 'The odor is not exactly terribly pleasant.'

I'll let you know what happens.


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