Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. The NFL once again is bringing awareness to breast cancer by having players wear pink for games during the month of October.

It's a common sight now players in pink cleats, pink wrist bands and pink towels.

But for cornerback Jabari Greer, watching breast cancer survivors carry out a flag during pre-game brought it all together for him.

'When I was out there before the coin toss when they were singing the national anthem, I saw all the ladies, all the breast cancer survivors that brought out the flag, I looked at those ladies and every one of them looked like they could have been either my wife or my mom,' said Greer, who played in a pair of pink gloves and used a pink towel.

'It really hit home. I want to commend the NFL for doing what they're doing for these women. I want to make sure that these people out there know it's not a commercial play, a media ploy and that people are really affected by these things.'

He had a message for people:

'Make sure you hug your mom, hug your wife and just let them know you enjoy them,' Greer said. 'This life is fragile.'

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