Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter

METAIRIE, La. There's a certain symbiosis inside an NFL locker room between the media and the players.

And earlier this week, Saints quarterback Drew Brees took full advantage, calling over the group of reporters gathered there a day after the St. Louis game.

Two days later, Brees was off target on a pass during practice. But instead of going back to the huddle, he walked out to meet with his receiver, both going over what they saw and how to correct whatever issues each had.

And yet, to a person, those inside the organization say Brees isn't taking a more vocal approach to practice this week after the head-scratching loss to the Rams.

According to defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, it would be hard for Brees to take any more of a leadership role.

'I admire and watch him from afar constantly,' Williams said. 'Now, is he zeroed in in practice a little bit more? Does he have a chip on his shoulder this week? I can't tell that because he's that way every week. Seriously.'

Williams rattled off a list of reasons why Brees didn't need to be more vocal, including the he beats the coaches to the facility and double checks game plans weekly.

It's a lead by example kind of leadership.

'I really believe there's way too much paid for vocal leaders,' Williams said. 'You know how easy it is to turn off a vocal leader that doesn't show a good example? Drew Brees shows unbelievable leadership through how he prepares.'

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