Alabama will get a second bite at the apple when they face the LSUTigers in the BCStitle game in January in New Orleans.

The unbeaten LSUTigers beat Alabama 9-6 in Tuscaloosa earlier this season. It was Alabama's only loss.

The Tide, who didn't make it into the SECChampionship game edged out Oklahoma State for the second spot opposite of LSU.

'We look forward to playing Alabama,'said head coach Les Miles.'The upside is that you understand your opponent, you've studied them before.'

Alabama coach Nick Saban said that he thinks his team deserves the second shot.

'LSU's the number one team and we're the number two team,'he said. 'I think there's a lot of people out there who think these are the best two teams in the country and want to see them play again.'

LSU's resume is impeccable. The Tigers have beaten the teams that ended up ranked 2nd, 5th and 6th in the final BCSstandings, and outside of Alabama, no one has come close to beating them.

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