Mike Hoss / Eyewitness News

ATLANTA, GA Buddy Fair will be at LSU's SEC Championship game in the Georgia Dome Saturday. Where else would he be? He hasn't missed a game home or road in 56 years.

'He's always gone, I promise you,' exclaimed his wife, Ann Fair. 'He'll go if he has to crawl.'

As a former Air Force pilot, Buddy started his streak on the payroll, as the pilot for the team's flights. He's kept the streak going long after retirement.

He was asked if he'd ever been close to missing a game, and hesitated as he looked back on the era of Curley Hallman and some of the other not-so-famous head coaches.

'Let's say I scheduled it with my wife at the right time,' he chuckled.

His wife Ann mistakenly had his ticket on her and Buddy nearly missed the famous LSU-Ole Miss game of 1959.

However, instead of missing the game, he got to be on the sideline as Billy Cannon ran by on his famous Halloween gallop.

'When he made his big run, Coach Rabenhorst said, 'Buddy, go get him a new shirt, because he tore it,'' recalled Fair. 'When he came off the field, his shirt wasn't torn off and I asked the coach what he wanted me to do with the shirt. He said, 'Hell, keep it.''

Fair said his wife wore if for two straight days after that game and he still has the memento, signed by Cannon.

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