Juan Kincaid / Eyewitness Sports

NEW ORLEANS -- LSU head coach Les Miles took some very vocal exception after the Tigers win over Alabama back in early November to those who criticized the defensive struggle as 'boring.'

The matchup is being repeated, but will the type of game we saw then be repeated as well?

We all remember what happened the last time LSU and Alabama met on the football field. It was the kind of defensive struggle that some would like to forget.

No touchdowns scored in the Tigers 9-6 victory in Tuscaloosa. It was such a bruising game and such a defensive struggle, that many national pundits didn't want to see it repeated in the national championship game.

But here the two teams are once again, set to square off for the highest of stakes.

And there are no guarantees that what we saw back on Nov. 5 won't be repeated on Jan. 9.

If you think back to that game in Tuscaloosa, Alabama left the field kicking themselves over the number of missed opportunities.

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