Bill Capo / Action Reporter

ALGIERS, La. -- Street repairs are often tough for neighbors who have to navigate around them, but Mary Hooks was delighted when the crew came out to start replacing the broken concrete, as she thought it meant the end of a saga.

'So when I came home Saturday, they had all the cement in there where they had broken the street up,' said Hooks, an Algiers resident. 'And when I came home yesterday from work, all this was clear.'

She thought it was the final chapter in a long campaign to get a water leak fixed.

'It was this puddle of water, it had algae growing in it, it had mosquitoes around it, and you couldn't even park in front the door,' Hooks said. 'For almost a year.'

She wasn't happy that Sewerage & Water Board repair crews had to fix the leak not once, but twice.

'They thought they fixed it, and they didn't fix it. So when we kept calling, and kept calling, they finally came back a second time,' she said.

But as we looked at the trench they dug in the street to replace the cement, we saw it was flooding, and guess what, we found another leak just 25 feet away, creating deep puddles that turned the repair site into a muddy mess.

'In front the neighbor's door, so they might as well come and just tear up our whole street, and replace our whole street, because the job is not going to get done if they don't fix the whole problem,' Hooks said.

So are you wondering why would the Sewerage & Water Board want to replace the concrete here when the water is still pouring into it from the leak back here that hasn't been repaired yet? Why didn't they fix this, and then replace all of the broken concrete and reopen the street?

Well, I'm contacting executives at the Sewerage & Water Board, and asking them to fix the whole thing.

'If this was y'all house, y'all would want it fixed. I just want the sidewalk fixed. I just want the leak stopped so we can park in front of my door,' Hooks said.

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