Bill Capo / Action Reporter

NEW ORLEANS -- At Chestnut and Philip streets in the Garden District is exactly what city leaders don't want tourists to see, a sinkhole filled with a shallow pool of muddy water covers a large portion of the intersection.

But it is a steep drop from the street to the bottom of the hole.

'I mean yeah, it's a problem,' said Chris Calihan, of Zanesville, Ohio.

Neighbor Jack Jurgens said he sees people bottoming out all the time.

'I live in the neighborhood so I know to avoid it, otherwise my car would have been ruined,' he said. The neighbors pleaded for help to get the city to clean this up.

'We are very irritated,' said Susan Gundlach. 'We're scared we're going to be the ones plunging in. It's happened for about four years. Isn't that correct everyone?'

'It's been very frustrating because I've seen little children on their way to Trinity trip,' added Nickie Lane.

'It was just terrible. It's the third Mississippi River,' said Ann Trufant, who lives next to the sinkhole.

Neighbors sent pictures of the last leak a couple of weeks ago, and say repair crews only seem to do patches.

'They said the Sewerage & Water Board took care of the hole, but this was for the streets department,' said Trufant with amazement. 'I think something's dreadfully wrong.'

'I pay my taxes every year,' stated Jurgens. Part of it goes to the Sewerage & Water Board. We have this problem, and they can't come out and fix it. Doesn't seem right.'

Now this is Mardi Gras season, a time when neighborhoods like this are prime parking places for those going to see the parades. So I'm contacting the mayor's office and the Sewerage & Water Board, asking them to find what the root cause is here, and get it fixed so this dries up, and is no longer a problem.

'If they've been out here seven times, it would have cost so much less for the city to have repaired the whole thing one time than to keep coming to repair it,' Lane said.

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