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NEW ORLEANS -- Jennifer Atherton smiled as she thought of the home that she and her husband recently bought inLakeview.

'First-time homeowners in New Orleans, Louisiana,' she said. 'My husband and I previously rented a home in Harahan, but we really wanted to move to New Orleans and be part of the New Orleans community.'

They love their new home in Lakeview and want property near the water, but not waterfront property, which is what they have since a pipe broke under the ground, flooding a sizable chunk of their lawn.

'I have a pond in my front yard,' she said. 'We didn't have a really cold winter this year. As you notice all the trees are blooming early. I'm worried about mosquito larvae coming in.'

The lawn is a soggy, muddy overgrown mess. They can't mow it, and the landscaper can't start a project planned here.

'He stuck his arm in the hole where the water is coming out, and it, his arm went all the way down in the hole.'

The leak appeared in mid-December, and Atherton said they've been calling and emailing the Sewerage & Water Board, and are only told their complaint is on the list.

'Frustration, and I'm in the customer service industry, so I really kind of take it personally and to heart,' Atherton said. 'I'm just like where's the attention to my needs as a home owner in New Orleans, and why am I paying New Orleans higher property taxes and everything else?'

Now who wants to have a lawn that looks like this that you actually have to splash through? The big worry is just how soft this area is.

She's been trying to get help for three months, so I'm contacting the Sewerage & Water Board and asking them to get this fixed, before she has to start worrying about this tree.

'And if there's like a bad storm, is this ruining the structure of it so it will eventually come down on my house?'

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