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NEWORLEANS-- Two New Orleans infants were murdered in just the last week. Police say they died at the hands of those responsible for their care.

In both cases, detectives say the adults claimed the babies were crying too much.

'She was a good kid. She wasn't here for that long but it's sad to hear about what happened to her,' said Junior Short about his niece's passing.

Inside his grandmother's Fern Street home, police say that 21-year-old Micah Short lost his temper, taking it out on his 2-month-old daughter.

Her uncle tells Eyewitness News the deadly violence was out of character for his brother.

'It's a shock because it's his first baby. You know my brother, they say he's charged with murder. My brother is not the offensive type of person,' said Junior.

NOPD says the infant's parents took her to the hospital on Monday after her father claimed he had accidentally hit the girl's head on the side of her crib. The infant, who relatives say was named Macayla, died at the hospital from what police are calling 'blunt force trauma' to the head.

Relatives tell WWL-TV that the young couple had lived on the block for about two years and that Short was a first-time father.

This is the second deadly child abuse case in a week. Police say 39-year-old Angela Bernard beat and killed a 3-month-old girl in her care who wouldn't stop crying on April 30. Bernard is charged with first-degree murder and child neglect.

'More children die as infants from abuse then any other natural cause,' said Stacie LeBlanc, director of New Orleans Children's Advocacy Center.

LeBlanc said Louisiana has a serious child abuse problem compared to other states.

'We just finished planting 45 trees in honor of each child who died last year in Louisiana, and our numbers are so high, and here we are in the first week of May and there are two babies who've died,' said LeBlanc, who stresses that it is important for the community to report abuse right away.

A tragic end to a young life that one uncle is struggling to understand.

'Especially with the murder part. Nobody in our family are killers. It's definitely not in him,' said Junior Short.

Micah Short was booked on a first-degree murder on Tuesday. Police say he also faces a domestic battery charge connected to a March incident with his wife.

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