New Orleans City Council President Jackie Clarkson offered a rebuttal to a commentary given by Clancy DuBos this week on what he said has been both recent and recurring bad behavior by the body.

No, Mr. DuBos, this City Council has not been a back-stabbing, child acting, body of seven for many years.

In our two years existence we have always reached a consensus in order to execute major charter changes, unmatched since 1950, or to support each other's projects from Joe Brown Park, to Gentilly Wal-Mart, to Lafitte Greenway, to Freret Street, to taxi cab reform, to Algiers drainage and five libraries, one in every area, just to name a few.

No, we haven't always had unanimity, nor should we, but we've always performed as a democratic body of government, with a majority vote. Our five district council people are elected by five different constituencies, and have each represented their districts extremely well. None of us were elected to rubber stamp anyone, not even each other. Yes it's unfortunate that we have a walk out on quorum, but we are striving to right our ship.

But, most importantly we have been an excellent partner for our Mayor, as together we have achieved the greatest unprecedented growth in this city's history, in the last two years, and we shall continue to do so.

Thank you.

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