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WESTWEGO, La. Ten days before the NBA draft, Monty Williams still can't catch a break.

Not that he cares. He's enjoying the process of scouting players before this year's draft on June 28.

So, when asked again if the Hornets had 'narrowed' down who they're taking at No. 1, Williams broke out his comedy routine.

'That's original man,' said Williams, the Hornets' third-year coach. 'It's like...did Seinfeld write this stuff.'

Williams conducted the franchise's second day of pre-draft workouts Monday, hosting the 10th and 11th players this offseason in for interviews.

But he's not so tired of the process that he wishes June 28 were tomorrow.

'I'm enjoying this process really,' Williams said. 'You get to see a number of players. You don't want to rush it because you don't want to make a crazy decision. It doesn't bother me either way. I just think it's part of the process. It's not a bad thing.'

Of course, it helps when you have the No. 1 pick.

'That process has been pretty cool,' Williams said. 'It's good for everybody you guys, the city, the state. It's definitely good for our team so I'm really enjoying that process.'

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