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GRANDISLE, La. - Residents and vacationers on Grand Isle are still being asked to conserve water after a rupture in the main water pipe that serves the island was detected on Tuesday.

Divers located the break in the 31-mile pipe that runs through Barataria Bay between Lafitte and Grand Isle on Wednesday. The break was patched temporarily, ensuring continued water service to the island.

Divers are expected to return to the site of the temporarily patched water pipe on Thursday to try for a permanent fix.

Grand Isle businesses and island leaders report the popular fishing and beach destination is a busy place this weekend.

The last thing they wanted was any interruption to a season seen as vital to rebuild the tourist business following the disruption caused by the BP oil spill two years ago.

'They're going to come back sometime during the day and cut the pipe again, and fix it right, and make sure that we have enough water here,' said Grand Isle Mayor David Camardelle.

After the temporary patch was put in place, the two million gallon storage tank on the island was filled, plus a barge was loaded with 400,000 gallons in Lafitte and sent to Grand Isle in case it's needed.

There is enough water, and it is safe to drink, but those on the island are still being urged not to waste water, Camardelle said.

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