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NEW ORLEANS -- Eyewitness News has learned that a victim in a home invasion last week may not have been alone when the intruders burst in. In fact, sources say a Tulane football player may have been with her.

'I was extremely scared. I still am scared for that matter.'

The 20-year-old Tulane student victim, whose identity we're concealing, describes terrifying moments last Thursday afternoon while she and a male friend were hanging out inside her own second floor apartment near campus.

The victim did not want to identify her friend to us.

'Suddenly the door was busted in,' she said. 'I had a gun immediately pointed to my face. I was forced to the ground.'

She said the two suspects then left casually with her laptop, cell phone and purse.

But what first appeared to be a random home invasion and robbery may have been something very different, authorities say.

'There's information there that I can't go into too much detail in, that we feel that was a targeted act of violence,' said Tulane University Police Department Superintendent John Barnwell.

Multiple sources tell our partners at the Uptown Messenger that the person who was hanging out with the student is a Tulane football player.

Barnwell wouldn't comment further and referred us to the NOPD, who also declined to give more details.

'I think that there will be justice in this situation,' the victim said. 'The pieces of the puzzle are being put together right now. This was a very serious and traumatic event in broad daylight, and the cops have really stepped up their game and they wanna get to the bottom of this just as much as I do.

'I was extremely scared. I still am scared for that matter.'

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