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NEW ORLEANS -- Venetian Isles looks like a vacation paradise sitting in far New Orleans East, where residents enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in an attractive neighborhood with boats docked just outside the back doors.

But when Millard Green returned, his neighbors were not happy to see him.

'Millard, your apology is good, but what the hell is it doing for us? Nothing whatsoever,' said Venetian Isles resident Joe Major.

The neighbors like Green personally, but hate the way his property looks -- overgrown, filled with untidy piles of building supplies, trailers left on the front driveway.

'You need to clear the thing off to start off. I don't know why you have all that junk in there,' said neighbor Sal Guarino.

Neighbors say they've been complaining to the city about this property since 2006, and even went to court.

'I saw the blueprints your wife showed me and everything,' said neighbor Marguerite Guarino. 'You never came back, and I don't like to look at that from my porch.'

'We had to move out because he never cleans the yard. His swimming pool has been there since Katrina, and there's a lot of mosquitos,' said neighbor Jose DaSilva.

Green said he doesn't blame them for being angry.

'I love my neighborhood, and I love my neighbors. I have the greatest neighbors in the world.'

When asked how it got like this, he said, 'Oh because I, well I guess because, in the process of trying to rebuild, you know, with the little money I got from insurance, it just wasn't enough.'

I'm contacting officials at City Hall, asking them to monitor the situation, to make sure that the work that should be done is done.

The neighbors just want this cleaned up. They'll be ecstatic if he rebuilds, as he's told them he's going to do.

'I'm shrinking the house now. I'm going to put it to the minimum of the subdivision,' Green said.

'We really would treasure him as a neighbor,' said neighbor Cheryl Colombo. 'He was a good neighbor before the storm.'

Since our first visit, he's been keeping the grass cut, has removed the trailers, cleaned up some of the lot, drained the pool and is cleaning the mud out of the bottom. We'll see what happens next.

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