Bradley Handwerger / Sports Writer

METAIRIE, La. Drew Brees had an epiphany a couple of days before training camp started for the New Orleans Saints.

And in typical New Orleans fashion, it involved food.

Thanks to Brees, Saints' fans that arrived at training camp Saturday - the first practice opened to the public because of the weather were greeted by Plum Street Snoballs, a gift courtesy of the quarterbacking hero.

'I had a bunch of them say thanks for the snowballs,' Brees said. 'It was awesome. I never intended that.'

The idea sprung to life in Audubon Park a few days ago when Brees was there with his family, taking in a typically hot and humid New Orleans day.

Destiny and opportunity met at the crossroads of Plum and Burdette streets shortly after.

'We drove on over (to Plum Street) and at the time, their catering truck there was heading out to go somewhere,' Brees said. 'I said, 'Would you guys come to training camp to take care of the fans?' They said absolutely.'

The gesture was extended to Brees' teammates, friends and family there for practice.

Teammates, still dressed in their pads, sauntered over to the table, perusing the menu trying to choose between bubblegum and condensed milk with chocolate to strawberry and raspberry.

Safety Malcolm Jenkins was worried about one thing, though.

'How many calories are in these,' the defensive back questioned the attendants, who then offered up sugar free options.

But the idea by Brees was purely one for the fans.

'I just wanted to do something special for them,' Brees said. 'Cool them off on a hot summer day while they're sitting, watching their boys play football.'

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