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So far this year, there have been 90 accidents on the Causeway.

That's a 20 percent increase over last year's numbers already, and it's cause for concern not only for Causeway officials. This week alone, a six-car pile up, caused by tailgating, shutdown the Northbound lanes Monday evening. The very next day, again during the prime commute home headed North, a flipped SUV snarled traffic for miles. Texting is suspected in that crash.

Because of those incidents, a warning letter went out to drivers Thursday night, saying please drive cautiously, for the consideration of others and the safety of everyone.

Carlton Dufrechou with the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission said, 'When we have two back to back like that we just want to remind everyone to be conscious that you're driving on the bridge and always exercise extreme caution, particularly on the Causeway with a lot of traffic.'

The Causeway office started sending the notices to drivers, like the one about the recent accidents, at the beginning of the year. So far, they've garnered good responses.

Dufrechou said, 'Many people saying yea, thank you, we want you to look out not only for us and they come back with suggestions every once in a while.'

Drivers say a warning letter should stir people up.

Driver Phil Anderson said, 'I think it should because it just brings your attention to it. Everybody knows what they are supposed to do, but you just have to make sure you actually do it.'

But some say lights and sirens can do the trick better.

Driver Kit Cooper said, 'They just need to warn people.. start giving them tickets for texting.'

Either way, the word is out, and the Causeway folks hope drivers are listening.

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