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NEWORLEANS - The taxi cab controversy in New Orleans will go to court again over city order reforms.

The debate dates back to April, when the city council passed several ordinances intended to improve the safety of cabs and service for customers.

It required a slew of new changes, which drivers have blasted saying it would hurt their bottom line.

Six taxi companies and three individuals have filed a class action lawsuit hoping to block the reforms.

Judge Paulette Irons issued a temporary restraining order blocking the start date for the new taxi regulations, and ordered a hearing on the issue.

City leaders and tourism officials said the changes are needed, while taxi drivers said they are too costly, and there is too little time to prepare for them.

One change drivers oppose is the rule that no cab can be more than 11 years old. United Cabs said that would wipe out 60 percent of their fleet if the rules take effect Wednesday, making it virtually impossible to remain in business.

There are other disagreements between drivers and city officials, over requirements to accept credit cards and install cameras and GPS units in cabs.

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