NEWORLEANS-- Three players implicated in the alleged Saints bounty scandal are weighing in on linebacker Jonathan Vilma's lawsuit against NFL and Commissioner Roger Goddell.Vilma received a season-long suspension and is fighting to participate in training camp and have his sentence reduced.

Three others implicated in a pay-to-injure bounty also received league suspensions. Saints defensive end Will Smith got four games and former Saints, Fujita and Hargrove, were handed down three- and eight-game suspensions respectively from Commissioner Roger Goodell.

On behalf of Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove and Scott Fujita, the National Football League Player's Asssociation responded to U.S. District Court Judge Helen Ginger Berrigan's request for arguments from all sides in Vilma's case.

The NFLPA's argument cites a litany of cases which support Vilma's lawsuit.

Earlier, the NFL claimed Vilma could be granted an injunction to halt his year-long suspension because he has not exhausted all remedies under the league's collective bargaining agreement.

Smith, Fujita and Hargrove are allowed to participate in training camp, but their suspensions would begin once the season starts.

Berrigan is expected to hear from the parties on Friday and make ruling sometime in the next two weeks.

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