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NEW ORLEANS -- Brian Downing, 32, pleaded guilty to obscenity charges in the case involving a videotaped hazing of an LSU fan who was apparently passed out.

Downing was sentenced to two years in prison, although Judge Karen Herman recommended him for a boot camp program. After formal sentencing, Downing will report to prison on Nov. 29.

Downing two year obscenity sentence means he must serve 10 months under Louisiana law, but he avoids having to register as a sex offender.

'(Downing) puts his genitals in a person's face, whether it's a man or a woman, I think there should be some punishment for that,' said District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.

Downing didn't comment to reporters as he left the courthouse at Tulane Avenue and Broad Street.

Downing was captured in a video that went viral, exposing his genitals and rubbing them on the victim's face.

The incident occurred at a Bourbon Street restaurant after Bama beat LSUin the national championship game in January.

The amateur video of the incident went viral nationally.

Downing had maintained his innocence ever since he turned himself in to New Orleans police.

His trial was originally set to begin in September, but was postponed by Hurricane Isaac.

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