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NEWORLEANS -- The Sewerage and Water Board is meeting to talk about raising its rates across New Orleans.

The 10 percent increase has been in the works for a while, and many people aren't too happy about it. The board recommended a series of 10 percent increases each year until 2020, increasing the average monthly household bill by 140 percent. The rates would be doubled in order to fix the aging water system.

The agency is set to respond to questions posed by the Mayor Mitch Landrieu in July, including how the board can reduce the proposed increase and how the board can address concerns about the way in which extra money will be spent.

Earlier in October, the S&WB crafted a draft of its response to these questions, which did not set a plan for reform, but called for more meetings on the topic.

On Tuesday, the Bureau of Governmental Research, a government watchdog group, asked the board to delay and limit proposed increases until the board fixes the way it operates and is governed.

The request from the group came after the Inspector General's Office said the S&WB is the most likely board to engage in fraud, waste and abuse.

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