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NEWORLEANS- Amidst the historic sights and sounds of the French Quarter lately, some say, the neighborhood is being affected by the rumbling of too many large vehicles.

'The French Quarter, it's irreplaceable. We only have one of them and when we damage it, we damage something forever,' said Meg Lousteau with Vieux Carre Property Owners Residents and Associates.

Lousteau shared with us a photo of an 18-wheeler trying to make the very tight turn from Chartres Street onto St. Peter, next to the Cabildo, along with several other photos of similar problems, submitted by French Quarter residents.

'The vibrations of 18-wheelers are a big problem, but really, the main issue is when they make turns. The corners of the quarter were just never designed to accommodate such large vehicles. They were built in, primarily, the 1800's,' Lousteau said.

One problem is that city law only targets large buses, but not trucks. With plenty of trucks rolling through recently, Councilmember Kristin Palmer, who represents the Quarter, is taking a look at the situation.

'We're definitely hearing concerns from the community that the vehicles are too large,' she said.

Palmer said she's asked the French Quarter Management District to study the problem.

If that review calls for a strengthening of the laws, she said she'll work to move that forward.

'Obviously we want to work in partnership with both the residential community and the business community to really make a good, sustainable decision,' Palmer said. 'The housing, the historic structures are really being shaken to the core and we cannot allow that.'

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